Apostle Suleman Urges Christian Who Play MMM, Lotto, Bets To Go For Deliverance


The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has asked members of the public and his congregation to dissociate themselves from anything that has to do with Mavrodi MondialMovement, an investment scheme popularly called MMM, Lotto, Bet and any other get-rich-quick schemes, saying they are satanic ventures aimed at further impoverishing the poor and stealing from the rich to enrich some other people.

Suleman, giving a sermon at the maiden edition of his ministry’s International Amazing Grace 2016 programme, said “MMM is Satanic and those involved in it are demonic.”

“MMM is an agenda set to bring limitations and restrictions into your life, it is meant to make poorer the poor and take away from the rich,” said the clergyman, adding that if you want to know more about MMM, “go and check the founder. He was a fraudster in America, who defrauded a lot of people. And that’s what you are involving yourself in and you are a Christian, looking for easy way out.”

Many Christians have gotten involved, he said, “but if you are already involved in MMM, you need prayer. I have to pray for you today. MMM and its likes are not of God. Any quick fix way for money is not of God because some people are being defrauded to enrich some other people.”

The clergyman warned further that any quick-rich scheme is wrong, saying that “even kings can be stranded. Anyone can be. You may be stranded but you can’t be strangled.

“In life, everything you get, if it’s not favour from a particular individual. If it’s quick favour through a process, you will pay for it later. If it’s a person you know that walked up to you and blesses you, take it. That’s favour. But a quick business transaction that can bring a return of over 200 persons, is not of God. That is why we take it upon ourselves to do charity works, help the needy and feed them with the Word. When you give, your greatness is not in your properties but in how many lives you have sustained,” he pointed out.