American Rapper, Tyga, Sued By Car Company

American Rapper, Tyga, Sued By Car Company American Rapper, Tyga, Sued By Car Company

American rapper, Tyga has been sued by a car company after it was revealed that he owes at least N47,151,000 ($130 thousand).

Midway Rent-A-Car has slammed rapper, Tyga with a lawsuit after he recently got manhandled over one reposed car.

According to the court documents filed by the car company, the rapper leased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost back in 2016. He, however, stopped making payments before the lease ended according to Midway.

The rental company further claims that both cars got reposed but the rapper still owes almost N15,958,800 ($44 thousand) on the Ferrari and more than N30,466,800 ($84k) on the Rolls.

The car company also claims despite multiple attempts to collect the debt, Tyga hasn’t paid hence the reason it’s suing him for the full amount plus attorney fees and interest.

It would be recalled that just last weekend, the rapper got into trouble with some guys who leased him a Maybach that he also stopped paying for and the car also got repossessed. The confrontation ended with Tyga getting dragged out of a club, and then attempting to pull his bodyguard’s gun.

American Rapper, Tyga, Sued By Car Company

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