Allege Armed Robber And Rapist, Asks Police To Kill Him Or He Will Come Out Hardened

Alleged Armed Robber And Rapist, Asks Police To Kill Him Or He Will Come Out Hardened

This suspected armed robber cum rapist identified as Adeniyi Ajayi has openly revealed that he rapes wives and housemaids in the presence of their husbands and bosses during armed robbery operations.

He stated that this to serves as a punishment to these men for refusing to give him money during operation.

The Vanguard reported that this young guy was nabbed by operatives of the Special Anti- Robbery Squad, SARS, of the Lagos State Police Command, in a hotel at Ijora 7-up area of the state.

He operates alone Adeniyi and after his arrest, about of his eight victims came to the SARS office to affirm that he raped them during operation.

Two ladies even narrated that harm this suspect brought upon them as he raped them right before their spouses.

After raping them, he made away with their phones, two laptops, and ATM cards.

He was allowed to make a submission and in his submission, he asked the police to kill him instead of taking him to prison. He said;

”I have been operating alone since January 2019, with just torchlight. During the operation, I would be giving orders to my imaginary gang members, on where to position themselves, just to give the impression that I was not alone.

I raped women whose husbands refused to give me money, just to punish them. I also raped housemaids. I used the money realized to lodge in hotels. The only solution to this act is for the Police to waste my life because if they take me to prison, I will come back hardened and I don’t want to keep disturbing Nigerians.

The first time I was arrested and sent to prison for stealing someone’s property, inmates made a jest of me for coming to prison over a minor case. They said I should join their gangs when I leave there. That Is why I said the Police should waste my life because I know I won’t return from prison as a transformed person.

They should just kill me to end it all. Besides, I have nobody who cares about my well being.”

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