AGN president Emeka Rollas reacts to viral story of a Nollywood movie costumier raping a 10-year-old actress on set

  • Emeka Rollas, AGN’s National President, has commented on the allegations surrounding Prince Onyenwere, a Nigerian costume designer, from allegations of raping a 10-year-old girl on a film set.
  • A girl, whose identity remains undisclosed, was allegedly assaulted by Prince during a movie shoot in Asaba, Nigeria.

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) National President Emeka Rollas has commented on the shocking claims involving Nollywood costume designer Prince Onyenwere, who is charged with sexually assaulting a ten-year-old girl on a movie set.

The female, whose name is still unknown, was allegedly attacked by Prince when she was changing clothes in a hotel room in Asaba during a movie shoot, according to a report published by WITHIN NIGERIA on Tuesday.

Prince allegedly suffered a serious beating before being turned over to the police.

Blogger Cutie Jules alerted Emeka Rollas to the incident when she tagged Kate Henshaw, the president of AGN, and other influential members, urging them to pursue justice for the young victim.Mr. Rollas replied to Cutie Jules’ post in the comment section, asking for further information on the matter. As of the time this article was filed, the Delta State Police had not issued an official statement on the subject.

The horrifying event happened on Sunday, January 28, at the hotel where he and the other members of the crew were staying while filming a scene.

It is said that he brought the young lady to a hotel room so she could get dressed for the following scene. But he took longer than usual, so the producer of the film sent someone to see how they were doing.

Unfortunately, there were bloodstains all over the floor and the girl was found sobbing uncontrollably. C Prince had apparently asked her to strip for a costume change and then pushed himself on her.

In a video circulating on the internet, C Prince is shown being questioned and being stripped nude by enraged bystanders. The victim’s blood was also all around the motel room.

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