“Ada Ameh Bullied And Blackmailed Us”– Young Filmmakers Reveals Reason Why Ada Ameh ‘Claimed’ She’s Having A Mental Breakdown


Nolllywood Actress, Ada Ameh has been called out by makers of the unreleased ‘Fatboulous movie’ which she was set to feature in.

Just recently, Ada Ameh opened up about her mental health struggles in a video via her Instagram page on Wednesday.

In the video, the thespian recounted how the mental health issue affected her to the point she could not deliver a client’s job. The Actress claimed she is currently being sued by the client for breach of contract.

However, The young filmmakers via a lengthy statement shared on their Instagram page explained what transpired with the veteran entertainer.

According to the statement on their Instagram page, The film star was contracted on May 10, 2022, to feature in Fatbulous movie which was expected to be shot in Benin City, and she proceeded to sign her contract and receive payment.

Ada Ameh was expected to show up in Benin on Friday, May 27, after flights and hotel arrangements have been fully catered for. Unfortunately, she never did.

The Actress allegedly failed to show up after a second flight was booked, and she called to inform the filmmakers that she wouldn’t be coming to Benin.

They noted that Ameh’s failure to show up caused a serious setback to the production as a lot of money had been spent on the planned scene.

The Moviemakers, however, expressed shock at Ameh’s social media call-out, adding that she refused to reveal details of the breached contract.

Ada was accused of being a bully and blackmailer taking advantage of young filmmakers.

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