Actress Ufuoma McDermott announces death of her dad on Father’s Day

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Nigerian actress, Ufuoma McDermott announced the death of her father yesterday as people all over the world celebrated Father’s Day

Ufuoma McDermott made the announcement on Father’s Day in reaction to a video by actress Bimbo Ademoye who pranked her father with a fake pregnancy alert.

Earlier, Bimbo shared a video where she pranked her father about her being pregnant on her Instagram page.

In the video, Bimbo had put her father on camera to record his reaction when he hears about her fake pregnancy prank. Bimbo’s father who did not find the pregnancy news funny reacted in a very dramatic way and this got the attention of many Nigerian celebrities.

Sharing the post, Ufuoma McDermott said the Bimbo’s video is the highlight of Father’s Day for her.

“Lost my dad about 2 weeks ago. This actually was the highlight of Father’s Day. for me.” She wrote.

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