Activist, Verydarkman Releases Voice Recording of Mr Ibu Accusing His Wife, Stella Maris of Trying to Kill Him


VeryDarkMan, a Nigerian activist, has released an audio recordings of actor Mr Ibu accusing his wife, Stella Maris, of attempting to murder him.

VeryDarkman previously accused Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, of attempting to exploit money intended for Mr Ibu’s healthcare bills for personal advantage.

He stated that Mr Ibu’s wife wanted money from the money gathered for the actor’s medical bills to buy a new phone and have a BBL done.

Stella responded to VeryDarkMan by asking if he thought she was insensitive to be thinking about purchasing an iPhone and doing BBL while her husband, with whom she had lived for 16 years, was unwell in bed.

VeryDarkMan recently published audio recordings in which John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, accused his wife of attempting to murder him.

According to the revealed tapes, Mr Ibu called his daughter, Jasmine, to notify her that Stella was on her way to kill him with some occult people.

Jasmine answered by assuring the seasoned actor that his wife was praying for him, not trying to murder him.

In a subsequent recording, Mr Ibu stated that the woman he married from Mbaise, paid her bride price, and brought to his home is not the same woman he is currently experiencing.

Jasmine told him that no one was trying to kill him and that everything was a ruse.

Mr Ibu told Jasmine he wasn’t going to take any injection or medicine until she arrives.

VeryDarkMan concluded by asserting that all Stella Maris wants is the money for Mr Ibu’s treatment and he assured her that she is not getting anything.

He advised Stella to get off social media and focus on her husband getting better.


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