Accusing me as Niger Delta Avenger Sponsor is an act hatred and politically Motivated-Goodluck Jonathan Fires Back


goodluck jonathan

The Former President Goodluck Jonathan, has reacted and dismissed the Statement linking him as the sponsor of the deadly militant group in the Oil region, ”The Niger Delta Avengers” (NDA), said it is an act of hatred and politically engineered.


A breakaway group, ”Reformed Niger Delta Avengers” (RNDA), which allaged recently split from the NDA, had issued a statement earlier over the weekend alleging that former President Jonathan was the “grand patron” of the militant group, Niger Delta Avengers.


Goodluck Jonathan, In a brief statement from Zambia, where he is scheduled to monitor elections next week, dismissed the list released by Cynthia Whyte, an alias for the spokesman of RNDA.


Former President Jonathan said he would soon issue a formal statement, but clarified that he was in no way tied to the NDA.


Jonathan said President Muhammadu Buhari had invited me to help broker peace in the oil-producing zone; I received no formal request from my successor. However, he said he was aware that Ijaw elder, Edwin Clark, was working informally to help restore stability in the area.


Former President Jonathan said he did not wish to trade words with “Cynthia Whyte.” He stated that the names of those listed as alleged sponsors and supporters of NDA, ”a political agenda informed the composition of the list”.


He asserted that there was absolutely no truth to the allegation that he was backing the NDA or any other militant group in the Niger Delta or anywhere else.