A Cheating Husband That Provides For His Family iss Better Than A Faithful Husband That Cannot — Nigerian Lady


A Nigerian lady has turned to Facebook to make an outlandish assertion about men.

Queen Zahara remarked that a guy who cheats but provides for his family is far superior to a spouse who does not cheat but is unable to support his family. For her, such a man is worse than an infidel.

According to the ad, she prefers a man who cheats and provides for his family than a man who is devoted but brings nothing to the table.

Some of these remarks say,

@Sarki Bala Abubakar Well said, but a cheating husband can send you to early grave

@Obbi Chytra You are looking for support to justify your adultery, is very sinful to live in adultery, you are very unfaithful, a husband that did not provide today will provide tomorrow, life changes no one knows tomorrow.

@Ajoge Suleiman Madam, how do u mean? Cheater is better than a chaste man? Haha no, no.

@Mustapha Ohinoyi Sanni Don’t forget deadly diseases ooo

@Bombay Adewuyi Ademola Then you must also be cheating woman too I don’t agree to this

@Olowookere Sunday What if your cheating husband contracted HIV or any other sexual transmission disease and now transferred it to you! What is your gain and how would you explain yourself to God and ur own self?


  1. The sad truth is cheating means different things to different people. You need to know what your mind can handle. Can you open your address book and find anyone that was cheated on and did not know? You sure can. Can you look in the mirror and say you never cheated? Maybe but so many sure as heck can not. She is basically admitting to being better off fed then starved. The bottom line is she could walk on a nail and get hiv, a beach and get it too. Don’t close your mind to the many married people that are glorified roomates. Get your blinders off those wives know what is going on. If he is not getting it home he is getting it somewhere. And that goes the same for woman. That is one reason it is always a good thing to provide and save. I refuse to be with a man who lowers my selfworth. But that is my choice like this is hers. There are some woman that won’t date a man unless he is shining everywhere. What are those woman? And lets not forget the one’s that won’t go to Mc donald’s on a date. Please.

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