“Brotherhood is proud of you” – Young Jonn surprises many as he lifts a Plus-Size lady on Stage


Young Jonn, a Nigerian artist and music producer, stunned social media users by lifting a a plus-size lady on stage.

The incident took place in Toronto, Canada, during a performance.

During his performance, the singer of “Big Big Things” asked a lady to dance with him on stage.

Young Jonn was certain that he would not give up even though his attempt to carry the plus-size lady first failed.

He set down his microphone, he took a deep breath, and tried again. This time, he managed to successfully lift her, shocking his followers and viewers on online.

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Reacting to the post….

@finebookola wrote: “Bro was patiently waiting for this day and he did it. Brotherhood is proud of you ”

@dannie asked: “Why he drop her fast fast??”

@Big Eeva said: “No matter how small a man is he go sabi do”

@Omolowo Akande stated: “Make help young John check him back o”

@XXLBM said: “She can’t even carry herself”

@enerh_ said: “Small men and big things”

In other news, a 36-year-old Nigerian stole his boss’s car on his first day at work, and drove it to church to ask the pastor for blessings, claiming it was his own. This caused a stir on social media.

This was disclosed by a user in a post on the well-known social media site X, which was once known as Twitter.

While being questioned by news correspondents, the man, who remained anonymous in the video, revealed his age as 36.

The man described the incident, which happened roughly ten days ago.

He clarified that he had stolen his boss’s car on his first day of work, drove it to church, told the pastor it was his, that he bought it, and asked for the pastor’s blessings.

He went on to say that he planned to use the vehicle for Uber.

His scheme, however, failed when he was eventually located and taken into custody by the authorities, who then paraded him.


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