43-year-old Catholic Priest reportedly found dead after spending night in hotel with alleged girlfriend


Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, a 43-year-old Catholic priest, was discovered dead in a mysterious accident at the Monalisa Hotel Delview in Gatanga while traveling with his alleged girlfriend.

On Friday night, the priest and a woman he was rumored to be dating checked into the hotel.

When the priest’s girlfriend rushed him to Kenol Hospital on the morning of July 8 after he began to feel ill, authorities were informed.

When Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku arrived at the hospital, he was already declared dead. The priest was found dead in his car, which had been used to transport him to the medical facility, along with his girlfriend.

His body was shockingly discovered in the backseat, with a hotel bedsheet draped over it and evidence of white foam oozing from his mouth and nose. His exact cause of death is still a mystery.

Police officers who responded to the incident have since taken custody of the priest’s body and started an investigation into how he died. Authorities are questioning the woman, who is said to be the priest’s girlfriend, in order to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to the police report, the couple checked into the hotel on Friday night, but the priest only started feeling ill the next morning.

Authorities have taken the food and beverages that the priest and his girlfriend ingested while staying at the hotel for further examination as part of their ongoing investigation. This investigation’s goal is to determine whether any substances might have played a role in the priest’s untimely demise.

Kenyans have expressed their sorrow over the priest’s mysterious death on social media platforms.

Many people have sent their condolences to the priest’s family and the Catholic Church, highlighting his beneficial influence on the neighborhood.

Netizens Reactions…
@Tina Kaloki said; “Condolences to his family and the church. Rest in peace, priest.”

@Faith K Mwania said; “remembered the priest as a remarkable preacher, recalling his visits to their church in Donholm.”

@eldoradogroups commented; “It’s time catholic to allowing father’s to be getting married.”

@benny_chinonso said; “This might just be the result of breaking his personal covenant with God; that anyday he meets with a lady, let God take his life🤔. Mercy upon his soul IJN🙏”

@_mrkrazy said; “Let the pastors and priest breath please don’t surfucate them”

@cutehephzylite wrote; “My Judgement will begin from my house… The sifting has begun… More false prophets will be exposed.”

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