Study In Sweden: 3 Most Popular Programmes to study in Sweden

The university offers 60 master’s programmes taught in English within Engineering and Technology attracting thousands of international applicants each year.

Find out which 3 master’s programmes at KTH are the most popular.

1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning develops algorithms to find patterns or make predictions from empirical data and this master’s programme will teach you to master these skills.

Machine Learning is increasingly used by many professions and industries such as manufacturing, retail, medicine, finance, robotics, telecommunications and social media. Graduates from the programme will be experts in the field, qualified for exciting careers in industry or doctoral studies.

2. Sustainable Urban Planning and Design

The master’s programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design focuses on the interrelationship between the built environment and social, economic and institutional forces.

The programme provides professionals with a profound and broad understanding of the multiple factors in sustainable urban development.

Students are trained to alter planning and design practices to respond to the environmental conditions and societal needs of the future.

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