#AnambraDebate: See 30 powerful Statements By The Guber Candidates

#AnambraDebate: See 30 powerful Statements By The Guber Candidates

Anambra debate: See 30 notable statements by the guber candidates

The Anambra guber debate which was organized by Channels TV,  on Sunday evening may have unraveled the intellectual capacity and intentions of each of the five candidates that participated in the debate. The candidates of APC (Tony Nwoye), APGA (Willie Obiano), PDP (Oseloka Obaze), PPA (Godwin Ezeemo), UPP (Osita Chidoka) took turns to address issues relating to the economy, infrastructure, governance and Biafra agitation.


Eyewitness Ng has compiled 30 notable statements encompassing quotable words from each of the five leading candidates:

  1. Part of the reasons I want to be Governor of Anambra state is to block wastages and cut excessive appointments of redundant SA’s and SSA’s in government – Tony Nwoye
  2. We are doing well in Education, Agriculture and Trade and commerce. We want to continue on this path – Willie Obiano
  3. Our government is no longer working as it is – Education is unaffordable. We will subsidize education and take our people back to school – Oseloka Obaze
  4. I have all my investment in Anambra state. I have decided to forgo my comfort zone and serve my people. I will invest in skill based education – Godwin Ezeemo
  5. I will imply the principle of egwuchukwu (morality) as governor. Our state ranks low in competitiveness. Anambra ranks 37/37 in bribery and corruption, we need to change that – Osita Chidoka
  6. I was not involved in any way with the kidnap of Chris Ngige as Governor – Tony Nwoye


  1. When I became governor, our people where not coming home because security was bad. I fixed it – Willie Obiano
  2. I pay salaries as at when due. Anambra was the only state that didn’t see recession in 2015 – Willie Obiano
  3. In 2016 I realized that Anambra state has been hijacked, this is why I choose to speak up and get involved in governance – Oseloka Obaze
  4. My choosing to contest is not a matter desperation, but a matter of necessity. Anambra state is in trouble. This is why I offer myself – Godwin Ezeemo
  5. Currently, we invest in yesterday’s education. We need to invest in education for tomorrow – Osita Chidoka
  6. ON INDUSTRIALIZATION: We need to rejig the industrial clusters in Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi. We need to invest in power and electricity – Tony Nwoye
  7. Past government left me with 101 road, I have completed 51 of them and commissioned 94 of my own – Willie Obiano
  8. Tony Nwoye doesn’t have the capacity to be governor, he lacks executive experience – Willie Obiano
  9. My predecessor left N9bn cash and N25.6bn in bond – Willie Obiano
  10. My dear friend and school mate Obiano has spent over N600bn and there is nothing commensurate to show for it – Oseloka Obaze
  11. Under Obiano’s leadership, this state is broken. We need to fix it – Oseloka Obaze
  12. Obiano should tell us why he sold the dollar that was left for the future generation – Oseloka Obaze
  13. Anambra has a trade driven economy, but our people lack the enabling environment. We need to get our power distribution network working – Godwin Ezeemo
  14. We need to get our people to invest in Agriculture. I have been part of this economy and I know how it works – Godwin Ezeemo
  15. I am shocked that the governor thinks that saving for the future generation is a waste of time – Osita Chidoka
  16. We have to grow the state by growing the people who live in the state. We cannot take from the poor to grow the state – Osita Chidoka
  17. If the governor thinks that some other person doesn’t have executive experience, I will like to let him know that Retiring from a middle level bank at 60 as an Executive Director shows that the governor is not a performer – Osita Chidoka
  18. ON INFRASTRUCTURE: Portable and accessible roads have eluded Anambra state, I will focus on this – Tony Nwoye
  19. Today we are self sufficient in Agriculture. We are exporting vegetables and yam to the UK – Willie Obiano


  1. If the governor wants to build a new capital city in Umuleri, he should let us know. Anambra cannot afford an airport now – Osita Chidoka
  2. ON IPOB: The governor sat here and young people who have no Jobs were declared as terrorist – Oseloka Obaze
  3. The problem of IPOB is not a problem of unemployment. It’s a problem that has to do with the fundamental structure of Nigeria. We need to renegotiate our collective existence – Osita Chidoka
  4. Because my policies are working, Anambra is not owning salaries – Willie Obiano
  5. I have the years of experience, I have the integrity and proven previous administrative visibility to govern Anambra – Oseloka Obaze


Source: Eyewitness Ng